Sayreville Teeth Whitening

Sayreville Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening in Sayreville

Your smile can say a lot about you and forms the first impression that most people get when meeting you. Unfortunately, the white teeth we are born with dull and yellow over time due to years of eating and drinking. Other factors that can discolor teeth include habits like smoking and taking certain medications. Thankfully, modern dentistry can renew teeth and bring them closer to their natural whiteness. Our Brunswick Family Dental and Implant Center has a very effective method of Sayreville teeth whitening.

Our method whitens teeth significantly while letting our patients do the whitening in the convenience of their own homes whenever they have the opportunity. Our Sayreville teeth whitening procedure starts with one visit to our office. During the office visit our doctor will make an impression of your teeth, which will be employed to fabricate form-fitting trays that will be used to hold the bleaching agent snuggly against your teeth. When the trays arrive from the lab our doctor will give them to you with a supply of a special professional strength bleaching agent. The patient will use the trays and bleaching agent for two hours a day for about two weeks, depending on how discolored their teeth are. After the two weeks our dentist will compare the color of their teeth to the color before the whitening process started, it will be several shades whiter following the procedure.

The Sayreville teeth whitening system used by our dentist has several advantages over the whitening kits, strips and toothpastes sold in drugstores. Our whitening agent is stronger than the retail variety and designed to work on tooth surfaces. The major advantage is the custom mouth trays which are designed to keep the whitening agent in contact with every tooth surface for maximum exposure to the agent and an even whitening, this is something that the one-size fits all retail kit trays cannot duplicate. If you want to bring your smile back to its original brightness and make a wonderful impression on everyone your meet just give our office a call.

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