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Sayreville Invisalign

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Invisalign Braces in Sayreville

Sayreville Invisalign
Sayreville Invisalign

You can enjoy all the benefits of metal braces but without the negative aspects of them. We at Brunswick Family Dental and Implant Center are proud to offer Invisalign braces, giving you the simplest, quickest way to effectively get straighter teeth.

The number one advantage of our Sayreville Invisalign is that it’s not visible. To everyone else, it’s as if you are wearing nothing at all on your teeth. They braces are made at our office using advanced machinery that crafts them from the designs made by 3D computer software. It’s all state-of-the-art. With metal braces, you wear one set, and then you come back for adjustments as needed. But Invisalign doesn’t work that way. You have a different set for every two week period. You remove the set you were wearing, discard them, and move on to the next. The fit is precise and comfortable; made more so by the fact that our Sayreville Invisalign is plastic, which will not irritate or cause soreness. There’s no restrictions on your favorite foods, either. Have all your favorites. You just take your braces out when it’s time to eat, and then put them back in afterward. Take them out also when you brush and floss. It makes your oral hygiene routine more efficient, and reduces the odds of tooth decay and gum disease during your treatment. Just think about it: there are no brackets and no wires to concern yourself with. Yes, metal braces have come a long way, but no matter what, it can’t compare to all the great features that Invisalign makes available to you.

If you think that our Sayreville Invisalign is right for you, schedule an appointment to come in to our office for a consultation and examination. You just might decide that it’s the perfect solution for your teeth alignment issues.

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