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Common causes of tooth stains are related to what you eat and drink, and other habits. At Brunswick Family Dental and Implant Center, you don’t have to live with the negative effects of teeth staining. We have not one, but two outstanding options for greatly improving the color of your teeth, restoring your bright smile quickly, effectively, and safely.

Among the foods that are known to be a determent to your tooth color are curry, soy sauce, berries, and hard candy. Beverages that are problematic include coffee, tea, cola, and red wine. It should be obvious that many of the items mentioned are ones that most people use frequently, even daily. No wonder so many seek out our Sayreville dentist for whitening treatments. Of course, the number one cause of teeth stains remains tobacco. This is true whether you smoke, or even if you use smokeless versions, such as vaping. Tobacco can turn teeth yellow or even brown with continued heavy use. You can go to any supermarket or drug store and find their shelves filled with whitening products, but do they work? Many do, but they typically do not offer the type of results you can get with professional whitening. And they can contain abrasive ingredients, which will harm your tooth enamel. Our methods do not pose any threat to your enamel. And the outcomes are impressive. If you have it done at our office, you can get whiter teeth from our Sayreville dentist in an hour or less. Would you rather do it yourself at home? We can accommodate that, too. In just a few days, you’ll see the same great results as you would in our office.

Schedule an appointment to come in and see our Sayreville dentist for the transformation from dull, stained teeth to brilliant, white ones. You’ll be proud to flash your smile. Call us today.

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